Last Sunday also students came into action again in competitions

Wednesday, December 11, 2013
Emmeloord, Noordoostpolder and Houten, Utrecht

In Emmeloord Rolf Snijders and Dts Wonder (- Sir Sinclair) managed to win the
fourth place in the Prix St. Georges with 64.28%.

In the ZZ-Z class (4th level, 4th test) Ina Beuving and her Koopplein Valadolid (- Florett As) completed the test with a 3rd place and 64.75%.

In this class Freek Frehe and his family owned horse Wait N See (- Rousseau) got a 6th place and 63.29%. Freek didn’t show a 100% clean test but he still was quite happy with this result. Also Anita Stam with Alvaro (- Turbo Magic) was happy with her promotion point in the Prix St. Georges.

Photo: Charlotte Frehse and Wait N See.

Michel van Loon and CMC Zaire (- Gribaldi) got a promotion point in the Intermediair I.

Marjan van der Jagt performed well in the Grand Prix with Jagers Radetsky (- Houston) with 65% and this result made her very happy.

In Houten Cloé Brinksman and Windsor did show a nice test getting two promotion points in the ZZ-L class (4th level, 3rd test)


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